We’re back from the Gamescom!

Our Business Development team and some members of our Technical team attended Gamescom in Cologne last week!

technical gamescom

Our Business Development team and some members of our Tech team attended Gamescom in Cologne last week!

A Technical Challenge

We invited some of the main console and PC game publishers and some major companies in the tech industry to test the prototype of one of our exciting unannounced projects. 

At the end of each one of these tests, our technical team took the challenge of fixing every bug and improving the experience for the next group of people testing the game.

As a result, Gamescom 2022 ended up not only being a typical business development event, but also a technical challenge that allowed us to open many conversations. The exotic presence of our technical team in the business area allowed us to enrich many technical oriented discussions, giving us a chance to flavour the conversation and making us grow as a team. 

Once the event had finished, we felt our knowledge on new technologies had strengthened, allowing us to challenge ourselves to keep staying ahead of the industry standards.

Gamescom is also always a good time to meet future techs (technical Artists, Programmers…) to join us. 

It’s an opportunity for us to open up, to see what other studios in the industry are doing, and to discover new techniques used in video game design. We could talk about things such as procedural tools, online programming, and development platforms such as Unity and Unreal.

Such good exchanges stimulate us and make us want to reach new heights. 

We are really looking forward to going to our next event – the DICE – next week and continue to meet people and exchange around these topics and many more!