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Awesome pirates always make awesome games

This is old skull games 

We are an independent game development studio with a passion for creating awesome games!

Ever since our beginnings in 2012, Old Skull Games has delivered innovative video games experiences, with a long track record in developing games for mobile devices, PC and console platforms.

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    Already a decade old and we don't intend to stop there.
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    With their individuality, their personalities and always ready to take up any challenge.
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    Our portfolio is growing every year with international partnerships and self-published games.

Our Philosophy

Sharing and Learning

We strongly value the culture of sharing, creativity and learning.

In order to find the projects of tomorrow, some internal brainstorming sessions are regularly organised, and we always have an idea box available so that every employee feels free to propose brand new ideas.

We work in an iterative way, and we consider that the right to make mistakes is a valuable thing because it allows us to start again and to improve.

Sharing and Learning

A good & fun place to work

Being a pirate is all about having fun at work.

From our annual summer camp to team travels along with a lot of stunning activities, you’ll never get tired of all the advantages you can get from working at Old Skull Games.

Besides, how could you not want to become a pirate?

Team Old Skull 2019

An inclusive and friendly environment

We’re adamant about treating each other fairly and with respect. People of all nationalities, genders, ethnicities, orientations and social backgrounds are welcome at Old Skull Games.

Whether in our management or in our activities, we make sure that everyone feels they belong and are supported.

See our gender equality index

A good and fun place to work

Employee benefits

  • Flexhours

    Flexible hours

    You can adapt your working hours for more flexibility in your work and personal life.
  • Events & team travels

    From event & team travel to our summer camps, we always try to encourage sharing and good times between peers.
  • Transport

    Soft transport gratification

    We care about the environment, so if you come by bike, scooter or on foot, you can get a bonus on your salary.
  • Fruit

    Breakfast & fruits

    Breakfast is often offered at morning meetings. Fresh fruit, tea and coffee are available in the office every day. Our pirates also cook a lot. You will never go hungry!
  • Sport

    Sport Sessions

    As we say here in France, a healthy mind in a healthy body: that’s why we regularly organize sport sessions to get together and work out!
  • Tournaments

    Video Games Tournaments

    Because what would life be without a little competition and without a blue shell sent at the right time in mario kart.

Studio Lifestyle