We have strong ambition, and cooperation is embedded in our business DNA. Let’s get in touch!

Our origins

Founded in 2012 by 4 friends back from Canada, the studio engaged in its first foray in development by creating a self-owned IP on mobile.

The studio grew, and new key people were welcome, contributing to the company’s current success.

Leadership team

  • Nicolas BRIERE

    CEO / Creative Director

    Co-founded the studio, seasoned designer with leading & directing positions at Ankama & Activision.

  • Hervé Sohm

    Chief Business Officer

    Joined as partner in 2016, steers business operations like no one, background in GAAS & Publishing.

  • Guillaume Magnies

    Chief Financial Officer

    Co-founded the studio, senior CP, management advisor in the gaming industry.

  • William Marié

    Development Director

    Cutting-edge executive producer, recently joined as a partner & former partner at FGL (Ubisoft)

Track record

Our vision

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging work environment where people can fulfill themselves and unleash their creativity. We believe that this vision will be the bedrock of a great and respected game developer.

what are our plans?

  • step


    Our main focus is to scale up in the creation, production and operation of GaaS original titles

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    Internal brainstorming will bring premium original console titles.

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    We plan to run a series of investments to quicken and structure our growth