detective jackie : mystic case

detective jackie : mystic case

A mythological painting holds ominous secrets. Only by diving into the details can Detective Jackie solve a young girl’s murder!

Ask the right questions and follow the clues to uncover a maze of winding answers and possibilities. Ask yourself: Do you believe in myths?

After losing her daughter to a devastating fire, the talented private investigator Jackie dedicates her life to solving children’s murders and disappearances. But a puzzling new investigation lands too close to home, and Jackie is determined to find answers!


Genre: Time-management, Casual

Developer: Old Skull Games

Publisher: Game House

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

Release: sept. 2019

Business model: Free to Play

Key Features:

🔎 Solve a thrilling murder mystery of mythological proportions

🔎 Use your detective’s instincts to follow the trail of clues

🔎 Play 60 story levels and infiltrate 8 exciting locations

🔎 Interview suspects and determine whether they’re lying or telling the truth

🔎 Master Jackie’s skills through 6 minigames including chemical analysis, symbology study, cold reading, object analysis, listening, and scent search

🔎 Discover ancient secrets hidden within priceless artifacts

🔎 Harness the power of a mysterious ring and unlock all new abilities

🔎 Prove your skills and unlock 30 achievements worthy of an eagle-eyed investigator