Amber’s Airline: High Hopes

Amber’s Airline: High Hopes

In Amber’s Airline – High Hopes, you’ll get a taste of the glamorous life of a flight attendant! 

Meet Amber Hope, aspiring stewardess for Snuggford Airlines. Amber has dreamed of flying to exotic destinations around the world since she was a girl. But before she can join the elite crew of air hostesses, she’ll need to pass her exams. That’s not going to be easy, and she’ll need your help.


Genre: Time-management, Casual

Developer: Old Skull Games

Publisher: Game House

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

Release: 3 sept. 2018

Business model: Free to Play

Key Features:

✈️Be transported by a truly wonderful story of love and loss

✈️Fly through 60 travel-themed levels, and 30 extra challenging levels

✈️Explore the world and get a behind-the scenes look at airport life with 6 unique locations

✈️Master 18 mini games that cover every aspect of flying – from check-in to security checks, suitcases to passports, safety demonstrations to serving passengers

✈️Fasten your seatbelt for amazing, all-new cinematics

✈️Experience what it’s like to be a real flight attendant – the ups and the downs

✈️”Unfasten” Amber’s diary and discover her secret thoughts as you earn game goals

✈️Customize Amber’s diary by earning diamonds and make it your own with travel stickers and different covers