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Our main mission is to make games with love, to provide high quality and creative games.
We’re obsessively passionate about telling amazing stories and providing a great player experience.

detective jackie:
mystic case

A mythological painting holds ominous secrets.
Only by diving into the details can Detective Jackie solve a young girl’s murder!

Raid heroes

Discover our new mobile RPG
with a strong cooperation
and a big chunk of fun!

amber's airline:
7 wonders

Have you always dreamed of travelling to the 7 New Wonders? Now you can! Join Amber and the girls as they fly around the world!

Amber's airline:
high hopes

Fasten your seat belt and take off with Amber Hope in a new airline game!


The legendary Ridge Racer series is back on mobile with this new take on the racing genre.


Help Rakoo find the love of his dreams in this colourful and super fun adventure running game.


dead or undead logo
Save your zombie skin in Dead or Undead! A horde of angry humans are hot on your heels all across the city because nobody sees you as a real human!
In this Wii-U multiplayer adaption of Rakoo's Adventure, the charming but not very smart Rakoo leaves his cozy home and embarks on a fantastic adventure with his friends!
word of finance logo
Incarn the CEO of an investment company to learn about how investment firm works!
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